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Please add delivery to your booking order. This can be done at checkout. We will then call or email you post checkout to arrange exact time of delivery. Please note delivery is simply dropping off the equipment and doesn’t involve anything else. It will be up to you, as the client, to set up the equipment in a professional manner. If you are unsure then save the hassle and allow one of our professionals to do it for you. Set-up can be purchased too at checkout


Purchasing set-up involves one of our professionals setting up your equipment/stage in the most professional way to maximise sound quality and the experience. The equipment can be tedious to set-up and so it is strongly advised to purchase this option if you have no experience with the equipment hired.


Pack-down can be purchased at checkout. This simply involves one of our professional staff members packing down the equipment in a professional manner. Please be aware that the equipment needs to be given back to us in the same state it was hired out. If you feel as though you may have trouble with identifying the correct cables, stands or cases then leave this up to us and add it on checkout.


One of our professionals will arrive at the event location specified on checkout and will simply pick-up the equipment in the same state it was delivered/picked up in. The equipment will need to be packed up and in original condition.

If none of the above options are selected at checkout the equipment will need to be picked up at the location specified below, and will need to be returned to this location in original condition.


Marrickville (Sydney)
31 Sydney Street, Marrickville NSW 2204